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Aquapupz Teeth Wipe (50pcs)

Aquapupz Teeth Wipe (50pcs)

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🍃 Breath Freshener

🦷 Daily Dental Care:

🛡️ Plaque & Tartar Defense

🌿 Gum Soothing

💪 Oral Health Boost


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Aquapupz Teeth Wipe (50pcs)

Aquapupz Teeth Wipe (50pcs)

Regular price $14.99
Regular price $14.99 Sale price $29.99
SAVE $15 Sold out

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100% Natural & Effective Ingredients

Soothing and Polishing

Our special wipes are mixed with coconut oil, oatmeal, and chamomile to clean your pet gently and make their fur shiny and soft.

Gentle for Delicate Companions

FurBreeze uses a special method to make coconut oil even more soothing, so it's extra gentle for pets with sensitive skin.

Refreshing and Clean

Our wipes are naturally scented, leaving your pet smelling as fresh as tropical breezes.

Optimized Nourishment

FurBreeze's fermentation technique boosts the natural potency of coconut oil, ensuring your pet benefits from the full range of its hydrating properties.

    Transform Your Pet's Grooming Experience

    Our Teeth Wipes make dental care easy. Just a quick wipe, and your pet's teeth are cleaner, their breath fresher. It's simple dental care for a happy pet smile!





    All wipes are a top choice among vets for keeping your furry friends clean and comfy. They're praised for being a swift and safe way to maintain your pet's hygiene—perfect for quick touch-ups or full cleans. Trusted by pet professionals, All wipes are recommended for regular use to help manage shedding and keep your pet's skin and coat in tip-top shape, all with the natural goodness of fermented coconut oil.

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      What's in the Teeth Wipes?

      Our Teeth Wipes feature a vet-approved formula with coconut oil essence known for its dental benefits, enriched with soothing aloe vera and chamomile extracts.

      What do the Teeth wipes help with?

      They're designed to clean teeth, tackle tartar, and freshen up your pet's breath effectively.

      What is the scent/flavor?

      Our Teeth Wipes are currently available in a neutral flavor to accommodate pets with various preferences and sensitivities.

       Is there any additive like alcohol or chemical?

      Absolutely not. They're made with natural, safe ingredients without any harmful additives.

      How should I dispose of the wipes?

      Our wipes are biodegradable. After use, you can simply discard them in the trash, worry-free.

      Is the teeth wipe a single-use item or do you rinse and reuse it?

      To ensure optimal dental hygiene, we recommend a fresh wipe for each use.