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 4.7 | 21 Reviews

Aquapupz GentleTouch Enthaarungshandschuhe

Aquapupz GentleTouch Enthaarungshandschuhe

🐾 Ultimate Deshedding: Lifts away loose fur in seconds

🐕 Gentle Touch: No rough brushes, just soft silicone tips

🤚 Full Coverage: Five-finger design reaches every spot

✅ Simplified Clean-Up: Hair sticks to glove; just peel and discard


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Aquapupz GentleTouch Deshedding Gloves Aquapupz

Aquapupz GentleTouch Enthaarungshandschuhe

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How it works

AquaPupz GentleTouch Deshedding Glove:

Tackle your thick-coated dog's shedding effortlessly! Designed for use in the shower, our glove not only removes loose fur but also gives a soothing massage. Groom hard-to-reach areas with ease and then peel off the collected fur. Keep your dog's coat flawless and your home fur-free.

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  • Aquapupz GentleTouch Deshedding Gloves Aquapupz

    No More Fur Frustration!

    Experience the ease of the AquaPupz GentleTouch Deshedding Glove. A revolution in pet care that turns shedding season into a breeze.

  • Aquapupz GentleTouch Deshedding Gloves Aquapupz

    Efficient Deshedding

    Lifts away loose hair seamlessly.

    Your furniture, clothes, and car remain fur-free.

  • Aquapupz GentleTouch Deshedding Gloves Aquapupz

    Full Coverage for Every Corner

    Traditional brushes miss spots.

    Our glove ensures no fur is left behind.

    Loved By Groomers Everywhere

    • ★★★★★

      Must-Have for Thick Coats!

      “The deshedding is remarkable. My german shepherd feels so much lighter and cleaner!”

      Dylan, Florida

    • ★★★★★

      Effortless Grooming!

      “This glove makes grooming so easy, especially for my thick-coated Bernese. Less fur around the house too!”

      Sarah, New York

    • ★★★★★

      Best Deshedding Tool Ever!

      “It's not just a glove; it's a lifesaver. His coat is smoother and shinier!”

      Lucas, LA

      Experience our prestigious after-sales service.

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        What makes this glove effective for deshedding?

        The silicone tips are designed to capture loose fur efficiently.

        Can it handle heavy shedding?

        Yes, it's perfect for pets that shed a lot, ensuring a clean home environment.

        Is it gentle enough for sensitive pets?

        Absolutely! The soft silicone tips ensure a gentle yet effective grooming session.

        Are there any side effects on my pet's skin or coat?

        No, the glove is designed to be gentle, ensuring no harm to your pet's skin or coat.